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Becoming the owner of Siberian Forest Cat is really rare and unbelievable experience. Breed features will take your understanding of loving relationship between owner and cat beyond boundaries and each moment you spend with your pet will be precious. For that reason, your first step will be finding the right cattery that will provide you with the best offer. By offer, we don’t mean just price, it means kittens’ health, quality breeding, blood line, health prophylaxis and accompanying paperwork.

Let us begin with kitten health… For each responsible breeder this is on the top of the list and means considerable material investment for the purpose. If you are a purchaser, buying a sick kitten can induce lots of suffering for the whole family including your pet as additional family member. The material aspect is also not negligible, treatment and therapy costs can be overwhelming and you will probably pay for the cat whatever difference you made by getting a cat for lesser price. Best advice is to purchase your pet from reliable cattery that invests in healthcare of their cats.

Quality breeding implies breeders’ knowledge about all requirements for bringing up healthy offspring of their cats, such as the best high quality food choices and provision of all the other necessary nutrients and conditions for litters proper development. Also, significant part of bringing up healthy litters is socialization and training, meaning that each kitten arriving to its new home already knows how to use litter box, has constructive and inquisitive attitude toward its new family, with no traces of acting out behaviour.

Health prevention is something that cannot be skipped while breeding kittens. Timely vaccinations and treatments against internal and external parasites is the obligation of responsible breeders. Also, it is prerequisite for your pet to grow into healthy adult cat and only as such be part of the healthy environment. Basic vaccination involves two polyvalent vaccines and vaccination against rabies, with timely application and appropriately chosen brand for cleaning from internal and external parasites.

The quality of blood lines determines the price of a kitten and it’s guaranteed with accompanied pedigree. Blood lines with champion backgrounds are more costly because of their future competition perspective and breeders investment to achieve such recognition. Responsible breeders have obligation to work on the promotion and advancement of the breed they nourish and their goal is to use their knowledge of breeding to achieve the birth of the kittens with best breed features and standard. On, the other side, if anyone is offering you a kitten “without papers/pedigree” there is no guarantee that your cat is really pure breed. No matter how much cheaper the price is for kitten in such a way, or what vendor is telling you, you are in fact paying for ordinary household pet with no background, period.

Our cattery is committed to offering our customers only the kittens with determined origin and health status. All of our cats are tested for genetic (PKD and HCM) and infectious (FIV and FeLV) diseases. Purchasing from our cattery means you are buying a kitten that will be sincerely loved and much wanted. There are two categories we use to divide kittens when transferring them to the new owners and they are: Kitten is sold for pet only or kitten is sold for breeding. Depending of those two categories price vary. However, each kitten, no matter in which category is sold, will arrive at its new home completely vaccinated, treated for parasites, micro chipped, with pedigree, transfer list, TICA registration certificate, passport and contract regulating some of the general obligations of purchaser and vendor that will be signed by both parties. Our kittens are ready to leave their home earliest at 3 (three) months old, due to achieve all of the conditions above mentioned (vaccinations, socialization, time spent with their mothers nurturing and so on).

If you decide to purchase your kitten for pet only, beside above mentioned conditions, there is one more condition necessary to fulfil and that is neutering or sterilisation of the pet. We insist on this above all because of the kittens’ health and its life quality with new owners. Finalising the purchase of the kitten is signing “Agreement of sale and purchase of the kitten as pet” that will be presented to purchaser in detail before transaction.

If you decide to buy a kitten for breed, beside above mentioned conditions, finalising the purchase of the kitten for breed is signing “Agreement of sale and purchase of the kitten for breed” that will be presented to purchaser in detail before transaction.

When all conditions of sale and purchase are fulfilled, future new owner will make a deposit for its kitten and after that, we assume all responsibilities from the chosen Agreement until kitten is safely at its new home. All details are stated in Agreements and can be found on this website for all who are interested.

We are open for cooperation, of course, and we will answer any questions gladly coming from potential purchasers, including those who are already proud owners of our previous litters. For any additional information, please use the written form on our Contact page.

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