Neva Angels

Neva Angels

Cattery of Siberian Cats – Neva Masquerade

Kittens for sale

You read the article “How to buy a kitten from us” and decided to adopt our kitten in your home? Here you can see the currently available kittens for sale. For more information contact us.

How to buy a kitten from us

If you like our kittens and want to own one of them, in this article you can get acquainted with all the terms and conditions of the sale.


Watch and follow us on our YouTube channel and enjoy the videos, we share with you our experiences and knowledge, along with our cats.
“Give love so that love can return to you” and know that cats know what it means.

Neva Angels kittens conquer the world

Our kittens are real world travelers and “speak” in a wide variety of languages. We made happy dozens of families around the world, we have reached all continents, different cultures and countries. We try to fulfill the highest felinological standards, health of kittens is in the first place, and then there is socialization. The condition for the new owner is to unconditionally love his new pet, accept tips for the welfare of the machete, and it will make him happy anywhere in the world.
Neva Angels cattery is dedicated to the responsible breeding of Siberian cats – Neva Masquerade. On our official site you can find out how we started to breed these wonderful cats, how you can become the owner of one of our kittens, you can read more about the breed itself, you can meet all our cats and kittens, you can see all our successes and awards and you can contact us by phone, e-mail and social networks. We are available to answer on all your questions and give you all the information. Welcome!
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Neva Angels Cattery

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